How To Market a Game Online

Just as website development became common, so did game creation. With a vast collection of games being released into the gaming markets, getting recognition online can be a tough call. Most developers often fail to realize their potential due to the inability to market their games.

Image result for Spider SolitaireBefore we delve into the specifics of game marketing, it is essential to dispel the notion that marketing a game only starts after the game is released. You might be aware that most games like Spider Solitaire attained their record sales during the initial launch. Marketing the game after its launch can be limiting in a way. Okay, if you are in the process of releasing your PC game to the market, here are some fundamentals of any marketing campaign.

  • Website: A website is a critical tenet in marketing a game. Whether your site serves as a home for all your games or the one you are currently working on, you need to keep updating it as a way of keeping your visitors posted.
  • Development Blog: Besides a website, any game should have a development blog. You need to use this tool by connecting with your readers and letting them know about any personal struggles or key milestones to prove that the main thing is coming along.
  • Social Media: The least you need when it comes to running social media campaigns is a Facebook profile and a Twitter handle. Social media presence makes it easy to identify with your fans by engaging with them.
  • Trailers: A trailer often comes in later stages of game development. Make it exciting and compelling at the same time. Trailers are used to generate some hype, which is essential in making sales.

Marketing a PC game is as important as developing it. Instead of relying on gamers to communicate your developments to their peers, marketing the game yourself gives you an opportunity to build your brand, and of course, make more money.